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SMART MINDSET MAKER is a place where everybody is a student and a teacher at the same time. It’s a community where you learn from each other whether you are just starting your journey of transformation as a student or you want to share your knowledge and skills as a teacher – everyone is welcome. Within this community you can change your mindset and your life step by step by getting and by giving support, advices and sharing your experience.

We believe in two components LEARNING + DOING, which brings you a happy and fulfilling life. With those two you are able to change everything, starting from your mindset, your habits, your body, your relationships, your skills and your financial situation. Everything starts with an impulse (LEARNING) and only by actions (DOING) it becomes a transformation.

Start your transformation with us by doing your first step and choosing one topic of a course, which helps YOU to transform one area of your life first and than you can continue. Just choose one topic, which helps you to make a first step towards NEW YOU. If you don’t know where to start - we suggest: ask yourself what is the first thing you would like to change? What is the key to your heart to feel tomorrow better than today? Is it your body, mental feelings, relationships or financial situation? What is this issue that needs all your thoughts and attention? If you know the answer than start from this. To make the first step to be inspired and motivated to be able to make the first step – start by following us on Instagram @smartmindsetmaker - here you find a lot of information that brings value to all the topics of your life. Be an active member of our community – be a student and be a teacher by sharing your experience and story. We give you a shout out by sharing your experience – just drop us a direct message on Instagram.

The education system in every country doesn’t prepare people for the real challenges of life and doesn’t speak about important topics in life as physical and mental health, relationships, personal growth, financial freedom. Our Vision is to change the world together with our community – it’s not about us its about YOU. Everyone who wants the change in life by becoming a NEW YOU and in the world can be a game changer at SMART MINDSET MAKER starting from LEARNING+DOING, starting from the own mindset transformation – be your own SMART MINDSET MAKER.

Irina Engelke, Founder of SMART MINDSET MAKER Community

After her master’s degree in business administration, several years of work as strategy consultant for big companies in automotive and aerospace industries Irina decide to transform her life and start from scratch. In 2015 she founded a Social Media Marketing Agency and started her career as an influencer (@fashionambit with over 300K follower on Instagram and over 700k on 21 Buttons, before her break in 2019).

During her work as an influencer and the CEO of a Social Media Marketing Agency she become an expert in Social Media Marketing and started the SMART MINDSET MAKER community because of her believe in the power of social media and of helping each other by sharing experiences. LEARNING new skill and everything about social media and DOING - taking actions by starting Instagram account, blog and Social Media Marketing agency she become step by step another, stronger person. This experience is something what she wants to share and show everyone that it is possible to transform your life starting just from one topic and become a happier NEW YOU.



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Irina Engelke

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